Frequently Asked Questions


What is Procedure Press?

We’re a new independent publisher based in San Francisco focused on bold, bright healthcare books.

What is your first healthcare book about?

Procedure: Women Remaking Medicine (Vol. 1) is a celebration of women physicians, nurses, startup founders, policy leaders and researchers who are working to reclaim the soul of healthcare. This first volume in the series was authored by Emily F. Peters and is available on Amazon now.

Can I get a review copy of one of your books?

We’re glad you asked! Contact our team to request a review copy, contact our team and include the details of the media publication you’re working for. We can also assist with setting up interviews with our authors or profiled women in medicine.

When is Volume 2 publishing?

We’re working on the next volume in the series now and actively seeking stories of patients remaking medicine. If you know someone amazing who has turned their patient journey into positive change for others, please contact our editorial team.

Is there a Kindle version of Procedure coming?

We’re thinking about it. The book is so beautiful in person, with gold foil and bright illustrations, it’s challenging to translate it fully to a digital-only file.

Can I use Procedure for my healthcare event/course/club?

Yes! We love teaming up to share the stories from Vol. 1 through premium sales. We offer wholesale book discounts, virtual and in-person healthcare speakers, interactive workshops, and conversation guides for your next medical event, corporate gifts, or marketing initiatives. Contact our team with your details.

Do you take healthcare book submissions?

Yes! Contact our custom publishing team to talk about your book vision and how we might team up on sharing your story of medicine’s future. We’re especially excited about impactful nonfiction works on the topics of nursing, physician experience, health transformation, digital health, medical education, health equity and healthcare innovation.

What kinds of books do you publish?

We are specialized in healthcare nonfiction including medical books, medical history books, nursing books, patient books, gift books, corporate publishing, healthcare design books, and art books.

Can I get permission to use images or content from a Procedure book?

Contact our team to talk about subsidiary rights. We’re happy to help.

What is your donation/corporate giving policy?

We’re a small publisher but love to support nonprofit organizations doing important work in healthcare when we can. Contact our team with the specifics of how many books you would like, the timing of your event and your tax ID number.

Do you offer healthcare writing workshops?

We haven’t yet, but writing classes are something we’re very interested in. The world needs more physician authors; more nurses, scientists, researchers, patients, scientists, public health leaders, and digital health entrepreneurs to share their diverse perspectives on healthcare’s future. Writing your story is a way of giving it power and taking ownership. It can be powerfully healing.

Are you hiring?

We’re always looking for new talent to collaborate with on healthcare publishing.