Meet ten women who are creatively
reclaiming the soul of healthcare


“Let’s start companies. Let’s speak up. Let’s break through and be the first to do something. Let’s make healthcare better for providers and patients. Let’s make it more affordable. Let’s share our stories. Let’s write books. Let’s remake medicine.”

- Emily F. Peters


A healthcare book that inspires bold action


How can women in medicine help fix our broken healthcare system? Through true stories of women starting companies, building empires of kindness, fighting good fights, going to space, saving themselves, and working to make healthcare healthier, Procedure: Women Remaking Medicine beautifully profiles diverse voices from across medicine and inspires action. Meet the women profiled:


She wrote a book

Emily F. Peters
Author, founder, brand strategist, survivor


She built an empire of kindness

Dorrie Fontaine, RN, PhD, FAAN
Dean, educator, author, critical care nurse


She fostered communities

Asha S. Collins, PhD
Scientist, strategist, investor


She lived to tell her story

Rana Awdish, MD, FCCP
Critical care physician, educator, author, painter


She did what she wanted

Susan Love, MD, MBA
Surgeon, researcher, author, advocate


She went straight to the source

Lisa Bari, MBA, MPH
Health policy innovator


She raised her voice

Esther Choo, MD, MPH
Emergency medicine physician, researcher, activist, founder


She broke away

Hemalee Patel, DO
Internal medicine physician, entrepreneur, advocate


She found her own orbit

Rhea Seddon, MD
Surgeon, astronaut, medical executive, author, philanthropist


They helped the most vulnerable

Meredith Hitchcock, MIMS & Katherine Nammacher

Meredith:       Katherine:    

Cover illustration by Kellie Menendez. Design by Blair Richardson, MiniSuper Studio. Primary photography by Larry Zhou, Studio Moot. Printed by Prolific Group. Edited by Meredith Obendorfer.


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